Commercial Lighting in Rockville

Good lighting is essential for any Rockville commercial enterprise, no matter what your specialty is. The right lights can transform a commercial space from dark and uninviting to bright and functional, but it's important that the right company is in charge of making it happen.

R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions has been a trusted source for commercial lighting solutions in Rockville for years, and thanks to our commitment to superior customer care and affordable, high quality lighting products, we've been able to gain experience working on projects of all sizes.

Lighting Solutions for Parking Lots, Warehouses and Commercial Spaces

R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions specializes in lighting solutions for a wide range of Rockville commercial spaces, ranging from warehouses to parking lots.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are a particularly important part of the work we do; thanks to the affordable and highly efficient lighting solutions provided by R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions, the parking lots of Rockville have never been safer or more accessible.

With lighting products expertly installed by R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions, Rockville parking lots are lit by fixtures that require minimal maintenance yet continue to function brilliantly for much longer than products from competing companies. Security and visibility are boosted, leading to lots that are easier and more comfortable to navigate.


The formula for our success comes from the consistent ability to exceed the expectations of our clients, in both the quality of our services and their affordability. While we may be a small company, R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions is committed to achieving big visibility with our top of the line range of lighting solutions for every purpose and budget.

Commercial Spaces

To some, the quality of lighting may not seem that important; as long as the commercial space receives light from somewhere, it's sufficient. At R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions, we take a different approach to lighting—to us, it's everything! How a space is lit impacts how it feels; a warehouse that is poorly lit leads to difficulty locating products, creating less efficient staff. A parking lot that is dark makes finding your car an irritating chore, a store that is dim makes finding what you're looking for next to impossible, the list goes on and on.

Not only are R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions's lighting fixtures more energy efficient than others on the market, they bridge the gap between functionality and design in ways previously unseen in Rockville.

R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions is dedicated to changing the way Rockville business owners view their lighting, by providing alternatives to standard lighting products that focus only on providing light, instead of enhancing the space.

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For commercial lighting solutions that add value your Rockville property, R.A. Nē-co Connected Solutions has what you need.

Our competitively priced products, dedication to superior client support and friendly, experienced electricians make us the clear choice for anyone in Rockville looking for lighting solutions that are both practical and dynamically designed.

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